Welcome to Bells Running!

​We specialize in running and walking footwear with a truly personalized fit process.  Our trained fit experts guide you through finding the proper footwear from start to finish - no matter what your current fitness level.  We address every aspect of your goals in order to find what fits best.  At Bells Running, there is no need for expensive video analysis trying to sell you everything you don't need!  With a carefully trained eye, our professionals perform a biomechanical gait analysis to take the whole process a step further to ensure optimal fit and feel.  

From beginner to elite, we have you covered!

Spring/Summer Hours (March 1 - Sept 30)

Mon - Thur

10am - 7pm

Fri - Sat

10am - 6pm

Fall/Winter Hours (Oct 1 - Feb 28)
Monday - Saturday
10:00am - 6:00pm